Read frequently asked questions below for more details on our shared kitchen rentals.

How do I reserve kitchen space?

First, submit your application and required documents to [email protected]. After our team approves your application, you will be able to set up an account at The Food Corridor (TFC) to schedule kitchen time.


Clients schedule themselves in the kitchens by using the TFC website or App. You are able to see what times are available and who else is sharing the kitchen with you. You are able to make special requests regarding scheduling. All equipment or other rentals are able to be reserved online.


Read more about getting started here.

What documents do I need to complete my application?

  • SD County approved Food Manager/Handler card for each employee
  • Business license (such as DBA/LLC/INC)
  • Tax identification (such as TIN/EIN)
  • General Liability Insurance coverage for $500,000 with Host Kitchen, Inc. named on the policy
  • Any specialty documents required by local, state, or federal health permits.

What kinds of equipment does the kitchen rental include?

Each station has a basic utensils tool kit that includes measuring cups & spoons, heat resistant spatulas, whisks, peeler, cutting glove, hot pads, thermometers, and moor. Our kitchen space also includes:

    • Use of our New CPG convection ovens with extra deep cavity (30”).
    • CPG four burner range with small oven.
    • New Centerline by Hobart 20Qt Stand Mixer

What's available in the shared workspace?

    • One food prep sink
    • A three-compartment washing station
    • Drying racks
    • Two hand washing sinks
    • One utility mop sink with mop, bucket, and brooms
    • All cleaning supplies
    • All gender bathroom
    • Lockers for day use

How much do memberships cost?

Membership rates below are based on a 30 day month with Peak Hours rate. Choose your membership level based on how many kitchen hours per month you plan to use.

  • Hourly: Minimum 5 hours a month at $25 / additional hours $23 per hour plus Commissary Fee.
  • Bronze Membership: Minimum 10 hours a month at $21 / additional hours at $19 plus Commissary Fee.
  • Silver Membership: Minimum 20 hours per month at $18 / additional hours at $16 plus Commissary Fee.
  • Gold Membership: Minimum 40 hours per month $15 / additional hours at $13 plus Commissary Fee.
  • Diamond Membership: Minimum 60 hours per month $13 / additional hours at $11 plus Commissary Fee.
  • Cold Kitchen: Minimum 5 hours a month at $13 / additional hours at $11 plus Commissary Fee.
  • Catering: $23 per hour, plus $300 deposit

What does the Monthly Commissary Fee include?

A fee of $195 applies to all membership levels and includes:

  • Membership to The Food Corridor software
  • All utilities (electric, water, trash, & gas)
  • Washing and cleaning supplies
  • Towels, paper products, oven mitts, bowls, baking sheets, cutting boards, push carts, pots & pans
  • Day use of refrigerator
  • Deep cleaning of the kitchen multiple times a week
  • A Pre-certified Kitchen

Can I rent extra space for dry or cold storage?

Yes! Please see below for available storage and rates:

  • Dry Storage Half Shelf 24”x 36” – $15/month
  • Dry Storage Full Shelf 24” x 77” – $25/month
  • Dry Storage Entire Rack 4 Shelves at 24” x 77” – $100/month
  • Cold Storage Refrigerator/Freezer Shelf – $30/month
  • Entire Refrigerator Double Door – $300/month
  • Entire Freezer – Not available at this time

What times can I schedule?

The Host Kitchen space is available 24/7.

Peak hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm (Billed at normal rate.)

Non-Peak hours are Monday to Friday 6pm to 6am and all-day Saturday/Sunday/Holidays. (Billed at $3.00 off normal rate.)

How do I get in touch with the Host Kitchen team?

Please reach out with any questions by email or phone:

Other questions you need answered? Email us at [email protected].