Health & Safety Features

CCTV Closed-Circuit Television

For safety purposes only, Host Kitchen uses CCTV to monitor inside and outside of the kitchen. These images will not be used in any marketing, social media, or other personal/corporate use.

Keyless Entry

Each member will be issued a Key Card or PIN to enter the kitchen. Entry is limited to a pre-set time schedule based on your membership plan. We ask that our members do not allow unnecessary visitors during their time in the kitchen or during other’s.

ADT Alarm System

Host Kitchen uses ADT for its alarm system. All windows and doors are monitored from a central location. Arming and Disarming may be required by members.

Sprinklers and Fire Suppression System

Sprinklers are located throughout the kitchen in case of fire. The cooking area is equipped with a commercial grade, Type 1 Hood, that includes a fire-suppression system. In the event of a fire, both systems will automatically engage. In the unlikely event they do not engage, there is a manual pull station near the double doors that members may need to use.

Fire Extinguishers

The cooking area has a chemical fire extinguisher. There are also two water fire extinguishers in the kitchen.


Host Kitchen is proud to offer an exceptionally clean workspace. Each member is responsible for cleaning after their time in the kitchen. In addition, we provide deep cleaning of all areas, multiple times a week. We try to fit this in the schedule when members are not in the kitchen. We provide pest management monthly inside and outside of the kitchen.

Manuals and Safety Data Sheets

Books containing all equipment manuals are available to each member. Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals in the kitchen are also available to each member. These books are located on the top shelf of our linen rack.

First Aid

For minor injuries please feel free to use the First Aid Kit located on the top shelf of our linen rack. For moderate to sever injuries please refer to our posted Emergency Contact information card.

Health Standards

We require all members to follow local, State, and Federal Health standards. Each member must carry a San Diego County approved food handler certificate or food manager certificate. Members and employees should not enter the kitchen if they are showing or feeling any symptoms of illness. For more information, refer to the San Diego County Food Handler Program.

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